How to keep your skin pH balanced

Skin’s pH and the Acid Mantle – the long, and the shorter story


The surface of your skin contains a barrier, the acid mantle, which protects skin from contamination, bacteria and moisture loss. This delicate barrier can be easily disrupted by harsh chemicals and environmental pollution causing rashes, dryness, acne and blemishes. Products that support the acid mantle will be slightly acidic (to match your skin) and they will contain natural plant based substances that blend well and melt into your skin. We at DASH are particularly fond of this lovely mantle, and we are constantly on a mission to make all our products pH balanced and thus skin loving, protecting and gentle for your (and our!) faces and bodies.

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Oils for oily & problem skin

A contradiction in terms? Well, no….

Our line for oily skin currently has Rebalancing oil which works beautifully with the Treatment serum for problem skin. This might be our hardest sell yet, since using oil on oily skin appears counter-intuitive, but Clarins & Decleor have been at it for years… Continue reading “Oils for oily & problem skin”

Fabulous Skin Oils

We are big into facial oils. We are also big into facial serums and if you look closely at the ingredient labels, serums are based on oils but with more active ingredients.

The idea of putting oils on your skin might not immediately appeal, especially to those with oily skins, but we’d like to encourage you to think differently. Continue reading “Fabulous Skin Oils”

Our popular Treatment Serum 2 for dry or mature skin

We LOVE this blend of nourishing oils (macadamia, avocado, hemp, rosehip), anti-ageing ingredients (vitamins E, A, evening primrose) and rejuvenating essential oils (geranium, lavender and rose) this treatment serum is a must for the more mature skin and a perfect boost for rejuvenating a tired complexion.