Oils for oily & problem skin

A contradiction in terms? Well, no….

Our line for oily skin currently has Rebalancing oil which works beautifully with the Treatment serum for problem skin. This might be our hardest sell yet, since using oil on oily skin appears counter-intuitive, but Clarins & Decleor have been at it for years… Continue reading “Oils for oily & problem skin”

Allergens and sensitive skin

We are legally required to list allergens on our labels, they are things like linalool, geraniol, citronellol, farnisol. These are chemicals naturally occurring in essential oils that may irritate someone with a very sensitive skin. For this reason, some cosmetics companies prefer to use artificial fragrances and perfumes rather than pure essential oils. We do not like to use artificial fragrances. Continue reading “Allergens and sensitive skin”