Which DASH are you? Skin types and matching products explained

We are often asked for a consultation and personal recommendations of which products to use, how to use, how much and when. So here we compiled a  list of skin types and matching products/routines. Regardless of the skin type, please all read the section on normal skin, where we explain the reasons behind the recommended routines. Continue reading “Which DASH are you? Skin types and matching products explained”

Our popular Treatment Serum 2 for dry or mature skin

We LOVE this blend of nourishing oils (macadamia, avocado, hemp, rosehip), anti-ageing ingredients (vitamins E, A, evening primrose) and rejuvenating essential oils (geranium, lavender and rose) this treatment serum is a must for the more mature skin and a perfect boost for rejuvenating a tired complexion.