Oils for oily & problem skin

A contradiction in terms? Well, no….

Our line for oily skin currently has Rebalancing oil which works beautifully with the Treatment serum for problem skin. This might be our hardest sell yet, since using oil on oily skin appears counter-intuitive, but Clarins & Decleor have been at it for years…  And if you study their ingredients carefully, you will see a base of nice plant oil such as hazelnut or jojoba and a very small amount (usually <1%) of  plant extracts and/or essential oils. We like to add a bit more active ingredients 🙂 (Don’t get us wrong, we do not say these, or other products are bad, we just point out the fact they do not contain a lot of expensive active ingredients, yet they are all ££)

As mentioned, oils dissolve naturally in your skin and help to ‘rebalance’ your own skin oil production. Moreover their natural occlusivness helps to retain moisture avoiding the paradoxical yet frequent condition of oily and dehydrated skin – in other words, greasy and flaky. As we all know, oily skin has a tendency toward breakouts, thus Treatment serum for oily skin offers help during such ‘bad skin’ times. Its active ingredients of rosehip extract, St Johns wort, cedarwood, lavender & tea tree essential oils,  and a special anti-acne mix with extracts of Brazilian Amazon plants and berries, all help to keep that skin under control.

And if you do suffer from an occasional spot or acne, or if you (or your pet, husband, child…) experience minor skin irritation, scratch or insect bite, our Emergency oil in a roll-on stick is designed to be easily applied to such areas. Containing a blend of neutral (almond and sesame) oils with a bunch of essential oils, it affords a wide spectrum antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal property. Great for travel!