Allergens and sensitive skin

We are legally required to list allergens on our labels, they are things like linalool, geraniol, citronellol, farnisol. These are chemicals naturally occurring in essential oils that may irritate someone with a very sensitive skin. For this reason, some cosmetics companies prefer to use artificial fragrances and perfumes rather than pure essential oils. We do not like to use artificial fragrances.

It is a fact of life that if you have a very sensitive skin you might react to one or more essential oils – we recommend that you use products without essential oils and other potential irritants. In order to work out whether something might irritate your skin, you should test it by dabbing behind the ear or in the crook of the elbow. Even then you will not be 100% you can use it on face, til you try it on the face!

Our sensitive skin range now includes a moisturiser, a calming body lotion and a facial oil free of essential oils & formulated for sensitive skin.

Moreover for extra charge (please contact us) we can make anything from our range without essential oil, or we can replace some essential oils with others, according to your specification. In the past, we’ve made specific products upon friends’ requests e.g. salicylate-free moisturiser (for a gal allergic to naturally-occurring salicylic acid) and a shea butter hand cream for someone who couldn’t get on with beeswax. We are even working on removing aloe vera from a few products for someone who doesn’t like the smell (yes, i know its crazy, removing aloe vera, that precious skin-healing ingredient!)

While we cannot start making everything that everyone requests, it is a beauty of a small set up that we can undertake such excursions every now and then.