Fabulous Skin Oils

We are big into facial oils. We are also big into facial serums and if you look closely at the ingredient labels, serums are based on oils but with more active ingredients.

The idea of putting oils on your skin might not immediately appeal, especially to those with oily skins, but we’d like to encourage you to think differently. There is a great debate out there with respect to oils vs. creams. What you need to know is that creams contain mostly water (70-90%) with a little bit of oil, and some humectants and emollients (read: moisturisers and skin softeners) thrown in, so most of what you pay for is water! There is nothing wrong with this, as the humectants plus oils help to deliver (humectants) and seal (oils) that water into your dermis and epidermis (skin layers). Emollients will stay on the skin surface to soften and condition it, without (if you choose the right cream) making it greasy and oily. This is what most of us want in the morning before applying make up and facing the world.

At night however, we should not care if our skin looks slightly oily, and we would like to suggest that you apply facial oil instead of your night cream to the still moist face straight after washing and cleansing (preferably with Dash Creamy Cleanser 🙂 The oils are 100% active ingredients containing lots of lovely plant components which are deeply nourishing, anti-inflammatory,healing, softening, and promote skin cell regeneration. But oils are also incredibly moisturising, particularly after you use them for some time.

WHY? This is because they help to repair our natural lipidic barrier in the skin which prevents trans-dermal moisture loss, in other words keeps the water locked in the skin. Plant (but not mineral) oils absorb directly into the skin where they will eventually help you to naturally retain more moisture and create less wrinkles!

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